Clogged underground gutter pipes or gutter drains? Get the Water Rooter underground drain cleaner!

Before I learned about the Water Rooter™,
I'd panic every time it rained.

Now that our underground gutter drains
run clean, I can relax and enjoy rainy days.

water rooter underground gutter drain cleaner

"The Water Rooter worked amazingly well. Covered 50ft of underground black landscape tubing without any problems. Very impressed! I keep recommending the product."

Evelyn in NY

Last Updated: May 15, 2022

As many homeowners know, clogged gutters and downspouts can be an on-going problem. And it's even worse for those of us who have gutter drains that are buried underground!

For years I'd panic every time we had a hard rain. I'd race home, hoping to get there in time to 1) make sure that my sandbags were in place and 2) start sopping up flood water as a result of our clogged underground drains.

Then a neighbor mentioned his "Water Rooter" -- a device he created for tackling the most difficult underground drainage problems. (As the owner of a pipe/drain clearing service for years, he had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune his invention.)

I'm no handyman (and I certainly have no plumbing skills) but I attached the Water Rooter to our garden hose, turned on the faucet and started feeding hose up the exit end of the drainage pipe.

Every once in a while I'd hit a snag. I would twist and turn my end of the hose and, if the clog didn't free up immediately, I'd secure the hose into place and let it sit for a few minutes while it ate away at the clog. Sure enough, leaves and muck would start flushing out. Within half an hour, our 80-foot underground gutter drain was flowing clean as new.

We've had plenty of rains since and there's been no more flooding! Thank heavens for my friend's Water Rooter.

Underground gutter drain clogged? Order the Water Rooter and enjoy clog-free gutter drains!

Price: $19.99

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Assembled by hand in Asheville, NC USA.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How to use the Water Rooter to
clean underground gutter drain pipes

If the Water Rooter doesn't open
your gutter drains, return it for a
full refund! Satisfaction guaranteed!satisfaction guaranteed


avatarThis past wkd was forecasted to be one of our last warmer wkds of the year, so I dragged my hoses out and gave the Water Rooter unit a try.

I wish I had taken my phone outside. It would've been an interesting video. I started with the most-clogged drain. The hose went in about 3' before hitting a clog. I turned the water on high, and what came out look like motor oil! About every 30 seconds, I could feed the hose several more feet until it was clear enough that the hose actually made its way out of the drain and up into the downspout.

I had to discipline myself to shut the water off before the flow looked as clean as drinking water. It was getting close, but I was concerned about flooding the yard.

The next drains weren't nearly as bad - only a few minutes of flushing to get peace of mind that they won't be clogged over the winter.

Thanks much,
Seth in West Bloomfield, MI

avatarThe Water Rooter works great! It cleaned out a lot of gunk in no time.

Bob in Delaware
avatarIt worked!!!

Tim in Cedar Rapids, IA

avatar Posted by Kelly Klein Dalaski on Facebook fb avatar

This product really works! Very homeowner friendly! Everyone that has underground storm drains should own this. It's MUCH less expensive than the pressure washer attachments and hiring a professional! I highly recommend!

avatarI wanted to let you know about how thrilled I am with your device. I have underground pipes that had been clogged for fifteen years. I had been relying on downspout extenders but still had pooling water at my home's foundation.

It's amazing how much junk was clogging them up. Now I have clean pipes and am ready for the next storm!

Thank you!
Gabriel in Illinois

avatarThe Water Rooter worked like a charm!!! It didn't get hung up at all on the ridges in the pipe. It slid right on through to the clog. I turned on the water and started moving the hose to work the clog and, WAH-LA, no more clog. It only took about 10 min. This thing is great!!

Laura in Prescott, AZ

avatarThank you for your product! It worked better than I ever hoped and would recommend it to anyone who has clogged underground pipes. *Truly amazing!! * For less than $20, I unclogged and cleaned all my pipes and it was so easy. Even my wife was amazed how well it worked.

Rob in Niles, MI

frequently asked questionsWhat kind of hose do you recommend?
5/8" is the most common garden hose size that you'll find at any hardware store or garden center. And while the inside width of the rubber part is a little bit larger on a more commercial-type 3/4" hose, both the 5/8" and 3/4" hoses share the same size male and female connectors. So the Water Rooter will attach just fine to either size of hose.

Would it work even better if I use a water pressure booster? No. The Water Rooter is designed for use under standard city water pressure (45-80 psi) only. Using higher water pressure would not be safe.

I have 35' of 4" of black pipe running under the sidewalk out to the street. Is that gonna work?
We most commonly use the Water Rooter to flush out 3" and 4" underground pipe. And I recently used it on a run of about 70', so your 35' pipe length is certainly do-able.

And, just a reminder -- if possible, you'll want to feed your hose from the street (exit end of the underground drain pipe) rather than from the gutter end. That way, you're continually flushing out the debris as the Water Rooter eats away at the clog.

inventor of underground water rooter

ABOUT US: A message from the inventor of the Water Rooter
The nut has been cracked!! The secret is out!

When I started cleaning sewers and drains back in 1969 -- the most challenging jobs seemed to be gutter drains (the pipe that runs away from your gutter downspout that gets clogged with rotten leaves and debris). After trying many methods, I decided that I needed to come up with an invention that would wash the leaves and debris out of a 3" or 4" line. And that I did!!

When all the other plumbers and drain cleaners failed and wanted to dig the lines out, I would come to the peoples rescue with my secret invention and put it to work saving them money. I am now retired and telling the secret. It is called Water Rooter as our trademark.

My Water Rooter can save you hundreds of dollars (and prevent your basement walls from cracking). It will make your local plumbers and drain cleaners sad, so buy a gutter drain cleaning Water Rooter today!

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