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how to clean underground gutter drain pipe

How to Clean Underground Gutter Drains with your Water Rooter

The Water Rooter is a safe, inexpensive and effective device for cleaning out clogged underground gutter drains. No more expensive plumber visits.

Supplies Needed:

Garden Hose
Outdoor Water Faucet
Water Rooter gutter drain cleaning tool

Quick Start Guide:

1. Connect Water Rooter to hose.

connect water rooter thumbnail

2. Locate drain pipe exit (often near street curb). The hose with Water Rooter should be fed into pipe from this EXIT end. It is far more difficult to clear clog if you feed hose into pipe from the "incoming" downspout end.

locate underground gutter drain pipe exit

3. Feed hose into drain pipe to point of clog, secure hose in place with heavy object and turn water on full blast.

NOTE: Water Rooter shoots powerful jets of water in multiple directions. To prevent injury to face or eyes, water should NOT be turned on before Water Rooter is inside drain pipe.

4. When drain pipe exit water starts flowing clear (usually 10-20 minutes), turn off water and pull hose out from pipe.

secure hose with heavy object to keep Water Rooter in place

5. Test by flowing water into gutter downspout to confirm that pipe is clean.

test drain pipe by running hose water through gutter downspout

Tip: You may want to flush your drain pipes annually to prevent future clogs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! If Water Rooter fails to open clog in drain pipe, return for refund.

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