Attention NC Customers

We'd absolutely love to work with customers who live here in our home state of North Carolina.

However, as a very small business, the challenges of charging and submitting the everchanging sales tax rates for customers living in each of NC's 100 counties overwhelms us. For that reason, we've chosen not to accept orders that are shipping to NC addresses.

So, if an order from NC comes in, we will refund it as quickly as possible and notify the purchaser by email.
We are very sorry about this unfortunate inconveniece.

Got questions or comments?

Please call us at 828-515-0177 or send an email to (If emailing us, be certain to include the words "Water Rooter" in the subject line so that your message doesn't accidentally get overlooked.)

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Water Rooter
The simple, safe device for unclogging underground gutter drain pipes.

Read our instructions for how to clean underground gutter drains.

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