Clogged underground gutter pipes or gutter drains? Get the Drain Water Rooter, underground drain cleaner!

Before I learned about the Drain Water Rooter™,
I'd panic every time it rained.

Now that our underground gutter drains
run clean, I can relax and enjoy rainy days.

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As many homeowners know, clogged gutters and downspouts can be an on-going problem. And it's even worse for those of us who have gutter drains that are buried underground!

For years I'd panic every time we had a hard rain. I'd race home, hoping to get there in time to 1) make sure that my sandbags were in place and 2) start sopping up flood water as a result of our clogged underground drains.

Plumbers tried cleaning out our undground drainage pipes - yet the problem continued.

Then a neighbor mentioned his "Drain Water Rooter" - an ingenius device he created for tackling the most difficult underground drainage problems. (As the owner of a pipe/drain clearing service for years, he had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune his invention.)

I'm no handyman (and I certainly have no plumbing skills) but I attached the Drain Water Rooter to our garden hose, turned on the faucet and started feeding hose up the exit end of the drainage pipe.

Every once in a while I'd hit a snag. I would twist and turn my end of the hose and, if the clog didn't free up immediately, I'd secure the hose into place and let it sit for a few minutes while it ate away at the clog. Sure enough, leaves and muck would start flushing out. Within half an hour, our 80' underground drain was clean as new.

We've had plenty of rains since and, I'm happy to report there's been no more flooding! Thank heavens for my friend's Drain Water Rooter.

Order the original Drain Water Rooter and start enjoying clog-free gutter drains!

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How to use the Drain Water Rooter
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If the Drain Water Rooter doesn't
open your rain gutter drains, mail it
back for a full refund! Satisfaction is guaranteed!
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The nut has been cracked!! The secret is out!
A message from the inventor of the Drain Water Rooter

When I started cleaning sewers and drains back in 1969 -- the most challenging jobs seemed to be gutter drains (the pipe that runs away from your gutter downspout that gets clogged with rotten leaves and debris). After trying many methods, I decided that I needed to come up with an invention that would wash the leaves and debris out of a 3" or 4" line. And that I did!!

When all the other plumbers and drain cleaners failed and wanted to dig the lines out, I would come to the peoples rescue with my secret invention and put it to work saving them money. I am now retired and telling the secret. It is called Drain Water Rooter as our trademark.

With my Drain Water Rooter you can save hundreds of dollars (and prevent your basement walls from cracking). It will make your local plumbers and drain cleaners sad, so buy a Drain Water Rooter today!!

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